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This Website is for several purposes that not only will benefit physicians in Laurens County, but will also serve as a resource for patients and the general community. For physicians, the site will provide information from the region, state, and country that would affect their medical practice, such as legislative news and administrative issues, as well as a forum for clinicians to voice concerns or problems. It also incorporates an electronic message board to share experiences and opinions, and allow for networking. Future events would include electronic “town meetings” and opportunities to “meet and greet” officials in medicine, insurance, and government.

For the general community, the Website will provide information on patient advocacy and physician involvement, as well as allow methods to contact officials of the Laurens County Medical Society and Medical Association of Georgia.

This Website was constructed to SERVE you, so please do not hesitate to contact us about ways we can upgrade our electronic services and address requests about medical care in general. Thank you for supporting the Laurens County Medical Society!


***One hot topic currently on the minds of many local physicians is Electronic Health Records

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